Tool to Automate Clinical Data Standardization & Submission Process

Eliminate repetition. Reduce manual effort. Complete tasks faster.

Is Your Clinical Data
standardization Process
Tedious and Manual?

  • Are you manually annotating the same fields over and over?
  • Do you constantly duplicate annotation efforts for similar Study?
  • Are you spending more time and money on converting raw data to SDTM manually?

Smart aCRF


CRF Annotation is manual and time consuming – Our Smart aCRF module reduces the manual effort in CRF Annotation with Automation using ML/NLP.

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Smart Mapper


Smart Mapper module produces mapping specification & SDTM datasets . The input to this module is raw metadata or raw datasets from the EDC.

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Validator & Define R3


Validate SDTM/ADaM data and create define.xml/SDRG/ADRG/ARM to be submission ready.

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